December 19, 2008

Welcome, I am the Slave Master

I like to date women ......
Who loved to be spanked.
Who have a Daddy complex.
Are into being dominated.

The encounters ....
Can be one night encounter or off and on relationship, or more.

Sorry, I am into women only.
NO Men, No BBW's.

The paddle is waiting ...
Leave a message on my blog or send me an email with your picture to:

I will be posting some of my encounters and experiences soon.


  1. Doesn't ever man -
    Love to spank his baby doll, his squeeze, his woman, his bitch?

  2. To bad you don't like men.
    For those who do, and read this, I am a tranny, have a nice ass and give great blowjobs.
    You can spank me, I'll suck your cock, and swallow your load.

  3. Sorry lover, I all ready have a master.
    But good luck, I hope you find a well deserving little trollop who needs a spanking.

  4. *Viv bends over* ;) Looking forward to reading about your adventures in spanking...

  5. mmm...complex,but I like^_^


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