January 28, 2009

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Give your lady some toys so she will be satisfied while you're not around.

January 21, 2009

Thumb Locks

For obvious reasons, I like these because they still offer some free hand movement.

Make sure you read my true life real stories.

January 17, 2009

January 15, 2009

Oh Master, I Have Been So BAD:

Make sure you read my true life real stories.

January 9, 2009

The Hotel Maid

Last year I was working in Pittsburgh. My job takes me all over the world and I virtually live out of hotels.
It was a Saturday morning and the maid knocked on the door, she was young, about 22, average looking, thin, medium light brown shoulder length hair, about a 34c cup.
She was wearing a pink dress maid outfit and I found that kinda of sexy.
I started up a conversation with her and found out she was down on her luck and living in a large old house that had been converted into 4 duplex single apartments. Her car was on the blink and it was cold outside.
I had a rental car, so I said look I am just hanging around the hotel all day, not going anywhere, when your off and if you need a lift I'll drive you home.
She said, 'we are not aloud to date guests, I can get fired, and I need this job.'
So I said ok, how are you getting home?
She said, I will walk about 3 blocks and catch the bus.
I said, I know where that bus stop is I pass it on the way to work.
I'll give you 10-minutes to walk over there and pick you up at the bus stop.
She was thrilled about that idea and said sure why not.
So I picked her up in my warm rental car and drove her home, about 20 minutes away.
She said, 'Hey I've never did this before' with a smile on her face from ear to ear as she asked me, 'would you like a cup of hot coco?'
Sure I said.
A few minutes later she came out of her tiny kitchen with a hot cup of coco.
She then said, excuse me I want to change out of my maid uniform.
I said, I think it looks quite sexy on you.
Again a smile from ear to ear as she said no I am dirty, and also need a shower, do you want to wait?
Sure I said, with a grin.
About 15-minutes later she came out in a bathrobe and semi wet hair, I just love girls with semi wet hair.
She took the empty cup from the table and started towards the kitchen, looked back, and said, 'do you want anything else?'
I slowly got up and followed her to the kitchen where from behind her, I opened up her bathrobe to see she was totally naked.
I began to play gently with her breasts and then nipples rotating my hands and action from one breast to the other and sometimes both while kissing her on the neck.
From the back I held her left nipple while squeezing firmly with my left hand while using my right hand to rub her vagina.
She became very wet and aroused.
Suddenly she turned without saying a word, kissed me, dropped to her knees and undid my belt, pulled down my pants and started sucking on my throbbing hard cock.
She was more of a licker than a sucker, so I took her by the hair and shoved my cock in her mouth, down her throat it went, she was gagging so I let her go, she pulled out choking, I let her get some air, then I grab her again, but didn't shove it in as far.
She was now sucking it like trying to get a thick milkshake through a straw.
Then suddenly she stopped and said, 'don't cum in my mouth, I don't like it.'
So I picked her up over my shoulder and carried her into the bedroom. I laid her on the bed, slid her over to the edge, shoved her legs up over her head so her wet pulsating vagina and ass where in the air, and I rammed it in to her tight wet pussy saying, do you like this?
She said, 'yes, fuck me hard and make it hurt.'
So I did. I exploded inside her. But I kept her in that position of control.
She wanted me to let her up so she could go to the bathroom but I said no!
Then my cum began to run down her butt crack and she said, 'we are making a mess, please let me up?'
So I let her go into the bathroom to pee, but I followed her.
She said, 'what do you wanna watch me pee?'
I said, yes, but sit on the toilet seat facing reverse.
As she started to pee, I began squeezing her nipples hard and she said, 'I cannot pee with you doing that.'
I said you will do as you are told, now pee for me.
Suddenly there was a gush and she peed.
I said, That's a good girl, do as Daddy says.
She looked up at me and said, 'You're not my Daddy!'
So I made her get up, I closed the toilet seat, sat down on it, pulled her across my knee and started spanking her.
She was squirming.
I said, you are a bad girl and Daddy must spank you.
Her butt was becoming red and warm, just as I like it.
She started putting her hand back to stop me, so I said take that hand away. I'll let you know when we are done.
More spanking by me and again she put her hand back to stop me saying, 'my ass really hurts now, please stop.'
Firmly, I said, Please Stop What?
She quickly replied, 'Please Daddy stop spanking me I will be good.'
Now I am hard again, so I pushed her down on the cold tile bathroom floor and said, Suck Daddy's Cock.
She licked and sucked it for several minutes and I was forcing myself not to cum.
She said, 'Are you going to cum Daddy?'
I said, Yes and in your mouth and you will swallow it.
She quickly said, 'It will make me throw up.'
I said, No you will not throw up.
I new she would, so as she started sucking on it again, I forced her all the way as I shot my load she upchucked into the bathtub.
Angrily she said, 'See I told you.'
I simply replied, get a shower, brush your teeth and relax.
Again she came out of the shower to the bedroom where I was waiting, she was only wearing a towel.
While she was in the shower, I found some old clothes line (rope) in the kitchen and cut it into 4 pieces.
I told her to lay face down on the bed.
I began to tie her up stretching the ropes tightly so she couldn't move.
She didn't say a word and neither did I.
When I was done, I just walked away.
She said, 'wait, where are you going?'
I didn't answer her.
I went in took a quick shower and came back.
She said, 'My arms and wrist hurt, please untie me.'
I said, we must have a session first.
She asked, 'What is a session?'
I said, this is where you learn to obey me.
I had my belt in my hand, as I began to spank her ass, 3 strokes on one side, then 3 strokes on the other.
She begged me to stopped but I checked her vagina and it was soaking wet.
I said, Wet for Daddy are you?
She replied, softly, 'yes Daddy.'
So I untied her, made her get in the doggie position and shoved my hard cock gently up her very tight butt hole.
She cried out, 'it hurts.'
I said take it for Daddy, be a good girl and take it.
She suddenly relaxed and then cried out again, 'I am cuming, oh yes, fuck my ass, fuck me, fuck me Daddy.'
I said, 'Daddy is going to cum in your poop chute little girl. Feel my warm cum inside you, feel it.
She was calm now and said, 'yes Daddy, I can feel it oozing inside me.'
Little Girl, I said, Now I am going to fuck you deep and hard, it will hurt but bad girls must be punished.
I began to fuck her deep and hard thrusting it into her tight butt hole.
She was whimpering as I slowly took it out.
We both took a long hot shower after that.
We got dressed and I took her out for diner.
Then after dropping her off, I remembered she had car problems, so I left her a 100 dollar bill on the kitchen counter.
Then I headed back to my hotel room. It was snowing quite hard by now and cold as hell.
There was a hotel message, I had to take the morning flight out to Chicago.
I left without ever saying goodbye.
I didn't have her phone number.
Hell, I never even got her name.