December 26, 2008

My first spanking experience.

I was young, about 20. I had met G, 18, she was just out of high school.
I was still rather inexperienced with women.
So taking it slow, we had a few dates and she asked me do you like girls in pig tails?
Being polite, I said sure.
So the next day I was over her house, we were alone.
She was wearing jeans, a casual top, and pig tails.
We were making out, but she seemed distant, so I asked her, was there something wrong?
She said she had issues with relationships.
I asked her to explain, suddenly she told me about how her father abused her, tied her up, and made her do things. When she refused he would pull her panties down and spank her.
I was kinda shocked but interested as well.
Then all the sudden she ask me if I wanted to have sex.
Being a young man, horny as hell, I jumped her bones before she could change her mind.
Afterwards she ask me to leave.
A few days later, she called, and said no one was home did I want to come over.
So driving over the whole time I am thinking what the hell is it with this girl, but I did like her a lot.
So I get there and we are on the couch.
I said how about sex?
She pushes me away like I have the plague.
So I try and start over.
She's annoyed.
So out of the blue, I shout out, well maybe you need a good spanking.
She just stares at me.
So I grab her, bend her over my knee and start spanking her.
Then I stopped, told her to stand up, she did, I told her to drop her jeans and she did.
So I bent her over my knee and started spanking her again, moving her panties out of the way.
I began spanking her harder and harder as her butt got warm and rosy red.
She wanted me to stop, so I forced her to her knees, stood up, unzipped my pants and shoved my cock in her mouth.
She resisted, so with her kneeling on the floor, I bent her over the couch, pulled her panties down, took off my belt and lash her her butt twice, spun her around and shoved my cock down her throat.
She took it, sucked me off till I had no more to give, and she swallowed it all, licking off any remaining cum.
Our spanking encounters increased and got more intense including me tying her up.
Then one day she moved to California to live with her older sister.
I still miss her and what we had.


  1. Well done, BAF. Nothing like the snap of the belt to get your point across. ;)



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