December 27, 2008

My Long Distance Fetish Doll:

This is the story of C.
C is an Asian lady in Toronto Canada.
C works as a dental assistant.
Asian women are small framed, have firm breasts, and great butts.
I lived in DC at the time.
I met C through an online dating forum.
After about 2 weeks of chit chat and horny perseverance by me, C invited me to Toronto. I accepted. She had 3 other Asian girl roommates so I got a hotel room downtown.

This was just the first of many trips I would make.

After our first night together of great sex, I noticed while she was riding my cock, I would slap her butt and she would fuck me harder.
I knew then this gal wanted to be spanked even if she didn't know it.

So the next morning we had sex, went to breakfast, and came back to the hotel room to get ready to go out. I walked up to her from behind as she was combing her long black hair in the bathroom. I started massaging her round firm breasts, then lifted her shirt and bra and began to squeeze a little harder. She cringed, so I said, relax baby.
She wanted to pull away, so I let her, slowly walking back towards the bed.
She said, we should go out now, play later.
I just looked right through her, shoved her gently down onto the bed, rolled her over and slap her butt hard.
She rolled over and asked me what was that for?
I said, you need a good spanking young lady.
She smiled and said why?
I just replied, Take your clothes off.
She wanted to go out, but I insisted.
So I walked over to my suitcase, which I kept locked, and for a reason.
I pulled out some toys, which I always take a few wherever I go.
She saw the rope and said, Oh No, No, No, No!
I said lay flat on your belly.
She kept saying NO.
I rolled her over, took one of the 4 pieces of cloth rope and tied her wrist, then to the bed.
Then I tied her second wrist to the bed, pulling it tight.
Then each of her feet, stretching the rope tight so she couldn't move.
I began to kiss, lick, and suck on her butt cheeks.
Then I slapped her hard on the butt, she cried out.
I said hey be quiet someone will here you.
So I smacked her again, but not so hard.
Then over and over, as her right butt cheek got red.
She said that's enough, please.
I smacked her hard then to show her who was the boss.
She cried out, so I said if you can't keep quiet you will have to be silenced.
So I got undressed.
Then I took her panties and shoved them into her mouth.
Then I started working on the other butt cheek, slapping it each time with more intensity.
I wanted to make sure she was into it, so I touched her sweet pussy, it was soaking wet.
I knew then she was mine.
I took my belt and began to slap her tight ass on both sides.
Then I stopped and pulled the panties out of her mouth.
She said, Please fuck me now, fuck me hard, I want to cum.
So I untied one of her legs, and partially rolled her to the side as I entered her and began thrusting deep into her wet vagina which was pulsating.
She exploded and so did I.
So I left her tied up for about 15 minutes while I cleaned up.
When I came back and asked her, How did you like your session?
She said, I have never been so excited, never been spanked before.
So I said, your father must have spanked you when you were a little girl.
She said, No, she had never been spanked.
There were many more trips to Toronto, about two per month.
I explored many sex toys and devices with her.
She like the spanking paddle and ball gag the most.

Eventually we both moved on.

C had a guy interested in her who wanted marriage, children, that sort of thing.


  1. Asian Babes are the best.
    I love those tight brown bodies.

  2. You lucky bastard, and you let her get away.

    I'd give my left gonad to have brown fucking machine like that,

  3. Asian Babes are the best.
    I love those tight brown bodies

  4. Once you go Asian tight, you'll never go back.

  5. ha, ha, ha - LOLDecember 28, 2008

    The only thing better than an Asian girl is a midget.

  6. This sentence, "I smacked her hard then to show her who was the boss."... vibrated through my whole body.. smack me please!

  7. very interesting. I wonder if she asked her husband to spank her on their weddiong night...


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