December 29, 2008

My Rio Connection:

I was living in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. During my first few days of a 97 day stay, I met a lovely Brazilian girl. Dark skin, like a golden sun tan; with long naturally curly blondish hair; and blue eyes. She had giant boobs for her small frame size. An ass that would make any man or woman look twice with a butt crack that sunk to new depths. This coupled with a pair of great legs that went all the way up.
She loved Americans, specifically white males.
We had great sex at my hotel room the first time. I loved licking and sucking on her juicy pussy and having her cum repeatedly in my mouth. She loved to suck my cock, taking it all the way in and drawing it quickly back out before I exploded making it last for what seemed to be eternity, wow if heaven is like this, I am ready.
She invited me to her place for the weekend, I accepted.
She picked me up in her car and we drove outside of town to a lovely area where she lived.
She made me lunch and excused herself after we were done eating.
She came out wearing a sexy white low cut lingerie with petite panties. Tossed her head and let her long curly hair whip around with a smile.
She dropped one strap of her baby doll outfit, slowly turned around and bent over showing me her fantastic firm round butt. Then walked into the bedroom which I quickly followed.
There she had all her toys laying out waiting for me to use.
She smiled and said, I am a bad girl, use whatever you want and have your way with me.
So I walked over picked up the padded ankle and wrist bands. After these I put on her ball gag. Then the dog collar and leash. I then picked up some rope, took her to the dining table, bent her over, tied her wrist, pulled off her panties, then tied her ankles to the table legs. Then I tied her legs just above her knees to spread those pretty legs apart even further.
I walked into the kitchen and got a big wooden spoon and some cooking oil.
I came back and said, bad girls need a spanking. Daddy is here.
I began to spank her with my hand, slowly at first, then a little faster and harder. Then I stopped, oiled my middle finger and put it gently into her tight butt hole. Massaging the anus with my middle finger, I took my other two smaller fingers and shoved them into her vagina. She tried to squirm, and suddenly she burst alive with a juicy orgasm. But I didn't stop I kept going, I could hear her whining for mercy with the ball gag in, so I let up and pulled my fingers out of both holes. I just left her there while I went and washed my hands.
Then I returned and said, bad girl, you cannot cum without Daddy's permission.
I must punish you now.
I took the wooden spoon and began to spank both sides of her firm beautiful butt. Again she tried to squirm but I had her tied too tight. I told her you will learn there is a fine line between pain and pleasure.
My cock was hard and throbbing, I couldn't take it anymore. So I began to fuck her tight pussy from behind, pumping her hard without mercy. Suddenly I exploded inside of her.
I thought to myself ohhhhhh that was great but she can't know.
I told her you really are bad, you made me cum inside you, now you must be punished even more.
So again, I left her there tied up and went and cleaned up.
I came back, removed her ball gag and ask her if she needed a drink of water, she said, Yes, please Daddy, I am thirsty.
So I untied one hand so she could lift up enough to have a drink.
I then tied her back, she wanted to stop.
I said, Hey bad girls don't make any rules, and the punishment stops when you learn who your new master is. So be quiet or I'll half to put the ball gag back on.
I noticed she had a large candle in her bedroom, so I went and got it.
I started dripping hot wax on her dark skin tight ass and she moaned and cried that is hot, it hurts.
I said, hey take it bad girl, take it.
Suddenly there I was hard again, like a rock.
So I stopped with the hot wax on her butt, and used some of the oil on my cock.
I slowly shoved my throbbing hard penis into her really firm tight butt hole.
I went slow and easy, as she moaned.
Then she said, Daddy I want to cum, and I said ok baby do it for Daddy.
Just as she let go so did I.
Then I said, do you feel my warm cum in your poop hole?
Yes, Daddy she replied, I feel it, I love it.
So then I said softly like a whisper, Now bad girl take my hard cock like a woman.
I began to shove it in all the way, hard and deep.
She beg for mercy but I wouldn't let up. I fucked her poop chute until I couldn't go anymore.
Then I pulled out.
I slowly untied her and took her to the bedroom and removed all constraints.
We showered together for a long time holding and caressing one another.
Then we laid on the bed and fell asleep.
I heard something and she was up making dinner wearing nothing but an apron.
She said, are you hungry?
I walked over to her as dinner was cooking, kissed her on the neck and began to tweak her fine nipples and massage her well developed breasts. I then started playing with her pussy with one and the other on her tits.
My fingers went inside and she came right away.
She quickly turned to me and said, Sorry Daddy, I forgot to ask permission to cum.
I said, it's ok.
We had dinner.
She was clearing off the table when I came out of the bedroom with the dog collar and chain.
I slipped it around her neck.
Then I told her to get on all fours (knees and hands), and I led her to the couch.
There I made her lick my balls.
I shoved my cock into her mouth all the way and began skull fucking her. I wanted to throw up but damn this girl could swallow a cock.
So I took her over my knee and spanked her.
Then I made her suck me until I was ready.
I pulled it out of her wet slobbering mouth and shot my white gooey cum all over her face.
The remaining part of the weekend got even more intense, and so did the next 85 days while I was in Rio. But that's another series of stories and I have to leave something for you to think about what we did for those 85 days, now don't I.

December 27, 2008

My Long Distance Fetish Doll:

This is the story of C.
C is an Asian lady in Toronto Canada.
C works as a dental assistant.
Asian women are small framed, have firm breasts, and great butts.
I lived in DC at the time.
I met C through an online dating forum.
After about 2 weeks of chit chat and horny perseverance by me, C invited me to Toronto. I accepted. She had 3 other Asian girl roommates so I got a hotel room downtown.

This was just the first of many trips I would make.

After our first night together of great sex, I noticed while she was riding my cock, I would slap her butt and she would fuck me harder.
I knew then this gal wanted to be spanked even if she didn't know it.

So the next morning we had sex, went to breakfast, and came back to the hotel room to get ready to go out. I walked up to her from behind as she was combing her long black hair in the bathroom. I started massaging her round firm breasts, then lifted her shirt and bra and began to squeeze a little harder. She cringed, so I said, relax baby.
She wanted to pull away, so I let her, slowly walking back towards the bed.
She said, we should go out now, play later.
I just looked right through her, shoved her gently down onto the bed, rolled her over and slap her butt hard.
She rolled over and asked me what was that for?
I said, you need a good spanking young lady.
She smiled and said why?
I just replied, Take your clothes off.
She wanted to go out, but I insisted.
So I walked over to my suitcase, which I kept locked, and for a reason.
I pulled out some toys, which I always take a few wherever I go.
She saw the rope and said, Oh No, No, No, No!
I said lay flat on your belly.
She kept saying NO.
I rolled her over, took one of the 4 pieces of cloth rope and tied her wrist, then to the bed.
Then I tied her second wrist to the bed, pulling it tight.
Then each of her feet, stretching the rope tight so she couldn't move.
I began to kiss, lick, and suck on her butt cheeks.
Then I slapped her hard on the butt, she cried out.
I said hey be quiet someone will here you.
So I smacked her again, but not so hard.
Then over and over, as her right butt cheek got red.
She said that's enough, please.
I smacked her hard then to show her who was the boss.
She cried out, so I said if you can't keep quiet you will have to be silenced.
So I got undressed.
Then I took her panties and shoved them into her mouth.
Then I started working on the other butt cheek, slapping it each time with more intensity.
I wanted to make sure she was into it, so I touched her sweet pussy, it was soaking wet.
I knew then she was mine.
I took my belt and began to slap her tight ass on both sides.
Then I stopped and pulled the panties out of her mouth.
She said, Please fuck me now, fuck me hard, I want to cum.
So I untied one of her legs, and partially rolled her to the side as I entered her and began thrusting deep into her wet vagina which was pulsating.
She exploded and so did I.
So I left her tied up for about 15 minutes while I cleaned up.
When I came back and asked her, How did you like your session?
She said, I have never been so excited, never been spanked before.
So I said, your father must have spanked you when you were a little girl.
She said, No, she had never been spanked.
There were many more trips to Toronto, about two per month.
I explored many sex toys and devices with her.
She like the spanking paddle and ball gag the most.

Eventually we both moved on.

C had a guy interested in her who wanted marriage, children, that sort of thing.

December 26, 2008

My first spanking experience.

I was young, about 20. I had met G, 18, she was just out of high school.
I was still rather inexperienced with women.
So taking it slow, we had a few dates and she asked me do you like girls in pig tails?
Being polite, I said sure.
So the next day I was over her house, we were alone.
She was wearing jeans, a casual top, and pig tails.
We were making out, but she seemed distant, so I asked her, was there something wrong?
She said she had issues with relationships.
I asked her to explain, suddenly she told me about how her father abused her, tied her up, and made her do things. When she refused he would pull her panties down and spank her.
I was kinda shocked but interested as well.
Then all the sudden she ask me if I wanted to have sex.
Being a young man, horny as hell, I jumped her bones before she could change her mind.
Afterwards she ask me to leave.
A few days later, she called, and said no one was home did I want to come over.
So driving over the whole time I am thinking what the hell is it with this girl, but I did like her a lot.
So I get there and we are on the couch.
I said how about sex?
She pushes me away like I have the plague.
So I try and start over.
She's annoyed.
So out of the blue, I shout out, well maybe you need a good spanking.
She just stares at me.
So I grab her, bend her over my knee and start spanking her.
Then I stopped, told her to stand up, she did, I told her to drop her jeans and she did.
So I bent her over my knee and started spanking her again, moving her panties out of the way.
I began spanking her harder and harder as her butt got warm and rosy red.
She wanted me to stop, so I forced her to her knees, stood up, unzipped my pants and shoved my cock in her mouth.
She resisted, so with her kneeling on the floor, I bent her over the couch, pulled her panties down, took off my belt and lash her her butt twice, spun her around and shoved my cock down her throat.
She took it, sucked me off till I had no more to give, and she swallowed it all, licking off any remaining cum.
Our spanking encounters increased and got more intense including me tying her up.
Then one day she moved to California to live with her older sister.
I still miss her and what we had.

December 24, 2008

video on youtube: How to bondage a Japanese Girl

This was on a Japanese TV Station.
You'll never see this on American TV.

December 19, 2008

Welcome, I am the Slave Master

I like to date women ......
Who loved to be spanked.
Who have a Daddy complex.
Are into being dominated.

The encounters ....
Can be one night encounter or off and on relationship, or more.

Sorry, I am into women only.
NO Men, No BBW's.

The paddle is waiting ...
Leave a message on my blog or send me an email with your picture to:

I will be posting some of my encounters and experiences soon.