June 22, 2009

Just came back from Japan:

My business makes me travel extensively around the world.
For the last three week I have been in Japan.
Things went very well for everyone. It was a total win in deal.
As a result of my last night, my Japanese business associates sent me a party favor to my room.
She was about 22, dressed in a school girl outfit, ponytails, knee socks, and white panties.
There she gave me an 'around the world' ; glad I didn't kiss her.
When she was done, she told me what a bad girl she was, so I just had to spank her to her butt was red and warm.
This got me hard again, so pushed her skirt up, moved her panties to the side, and I fucked her tight little butt shooting my warm gooey cum inside her poop hole.

Wow these Japanese really know how to thank a guy!

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