February 13, 2009

Lesson Learned-

First sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I been traveling to some 3rd world country and they block this sort of Internet site.

My encounter with J....
The circumstances of how J and I ended up are not important.
She was deeply depressed and sought out my advice about her recent break-up with her boyfriend.
J was a little overweight. I am into slender and petite type girls or at least athletic well developed women.
Anyway, she had just bought a new tight fitting zip up the front blouse and very tight leather mini skirt.
So as she explained her situation, about her boyfriend cheating and she saw him walking with another woman. She continued on about how much she loved him.
So I interrupted and said, 'Well gee, are you sure he was cheating? Just because he's walking with some woman doesn't mean anything.'
She said, 'They got into his car, and her head disappeared into his lap for about five minutes and then popped back up.'
Oh I said, not good.
Exactly she said.
So I asked her, 'Why the nice white top and black leather mini skirt?'
“I'm going out and get pay back, I am going to find a man and have sex with him tonight”, she replied.
Suddenly the old horny toad reared up in the back of my brain, as I spurted out, 'Well going out with a stranger to have sex is not a good idea (as I thought to myself, I do it all the time).'
She smiled and we hugged as I pulled her close and tight.
I gently touched her face as I put my thumb in her mouth and she licked it.
I unzipped her top and there were her big 40 DD boobs with a half bra on.
She dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants, pulled out my throbbing cock and suck it dry swallowing it all and licking off any residue.
She stood up and I could see a tear eyed girl who wasn't sure about herself.
I said, 'Are you glad you got even?'
“No”, she said.
'So, you want to get back with your boyfriend?', I inquired.
'Yes, she said but what should I do?'
'Well you have been a bad girl now', I said.
I think you both should forget about what happened and put it behind you. But if you are feeling guilty about what just happened, then I have an idea.
She asked, 'What can I do except tell him?'
Oh bad idea I said, 'confessions are never good!'
So I unzipped her top all the way, reached behind and undid her bra as her huge boobs dropped out.
'What are you doing?' she stammered.
'Simple, I am going to fix your guilty complex', I said.
I took her to the bedroom where there was a poster bed.
I tied her hands to the bed post while she was standing up.
Then I unzipped her tight leather black skirt.
I took off my belt and began to lash her panty covered ass.
After a few smacks, I dropped her panties and began to whip her hard.
Her butt was becoming very red.
Now she was crying and I said bad girls must be punished.
She asked me to stop but I didn't.
I said you can take 10 more lashes.
“No” she said, 'please stop now.'
I said, 'Take it, take the punishment and be purged from your cheating revengeful ways.'
I whipped her hard and she was slumped over.
I untied her hands, held her tight, and rubbed her swollen butt.
After a few minutes I left as she was climbing into the shower.


  1. So the phrase, "Ouch is not a safety word" is very true in your world, huh?

    You fascinate me.

  2. Hola que tal

    Soy Bocha, creador del blog Abran Cancha. Estoy muy interesado en tener un intercambio de links con tu blog, la verdad que me ha gustado mucho y seria un honor tenerlo entre mis enlaces. Un abrazo grande y te digo que aunque nuestro blogs sean de temáticas diferentes… el intercambio te ayudaría mucho, para que tus ideas puedan llegar a más gente.

    Agrégame a seguidores…


  3. You showed her!!! I must admit that I lol'ed at this -- She said, 'They got into his car, and her head disappeared into his lap for about five minutes and then popped back up.'


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